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26.05.2021 - Clear Hilton
CRYPTO ACCOUNT TAKEOVER (ATO) attacks are on the rise and are costing individuals, businesses, and organizations significant financial and damage that are often difficult to recover quickly.
Cybercriminals use stolen credentials such as usernames and passwords obtained by malware and social engineering to gain sensitive information, and they’re using that same data to access websites and bankings/Bitcoin accounts wallet to transfer money, execute fraudulent transactions and bring people down to a Zero point financially.

Dhacker is a multinational equipped Hackers come together as a team to track down & to recover whatever that has being stolen from you from the most difficult internet SCAMMERS. NOTE!! We've received countless heartbreaking reports of notorious cyber scammers and we’ve successful recover them back.

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1⃣Binary Recovery.
2⃣Files Recovery
3⃣School Graded & Exam Questions
4⃣Password Bypass / Recovery
5⃣Malware Removal / Erase Criminal Records
6⃣Blank ATM Card
7⃣Social Media Hack
8⃣Remote Mobile Monitoring & Hacking
9⃣Clear Bad Credit
🔟Private Key Reset

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24.05.2021 - Real_lilluminati
Hello, Fail don't stop seeing the light. We are aware that there are many people here on social media pretending to be agents for the Illuminati. Be careful not everyone you see is real. This organization is for peace, accuracy, power and fame. The organization does not require human or blood victims. If you are interested, send us a Whatsapp message to us Via: +33758476136,, or Email us Via: illuminatitemle666@­gmail.­com

19.05.2021 - sajal
Sie sind eine lizenzierte und erfahrene Gruppe von Hackern, die im Laufe der Jahre weltweit unter und WhatsApp unter der Nummer +32460212685 auf dem neuesten Stand waren. Ihre Dienste sind sicher und mit 100% Transparenz und 100% Garantie gesichert, weil sie sind eine Gruppe von professionellen Web-Hackern, die die menschliche Sympathie für den Anruf respektieren. Team erfahrener Hacker mit exzellenter Erfolgsbilanz.
Sie bieten die folgenden Dienstleistungen zu erschwinglichen Preisen an. * Änderung der Schulnoten
* Löschung von Strafregistern
* Hack-Datenbanken
* Verkauf von Dumps-Karten aller Art
* Nicht durchführbare IP
* Einzelne Computer hacken
* Websites hacken
* Facebook-Hack, WhatsApp-Hack, Instagram-Hack, Twitter, Testnachrichten usw.
* Controller ferngesteuert
* Brennernummern hacken
* Hack verifizierte Paypal-Konten
* Jeder Social Media Hack
* Android & iPhone Hack
* Reinigen Sie falsche Fahrverfolgungsorte
* Laden Sie Bitcoins ohne Vorauszahlung
* Wordpress Blogs hacken
* E-Mail-Listening-Hack
* Western Union MTCN und Moneygram Hack
* Erhöhen Sie den Blog-Verkehr
* Unbegrenzte leere Karte und Kreditkarte
* Skype-Hack
* illegale Piraterie
* Bankkonten hacken
* Site Card Hacking
* Gutschrift des Kontos mit einer frühen Kreditkarte
* Hacke E-Mail-Konten
* Änderungen hacken
* Website abgestürzt
* Server abgestürzt
* Kreditkarte für Online-Kreditkartentransaktionen und leere Kreditkartentransaktionen
* Rufen Sie die verlorene Datei / Dokumente ab
* Kreditkarten-Hacker
Kontaktieren Sie sie unter und WhatsApp unter: +32460212685

13.05.2021 - Aundrea
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12.05.2021 - MORITZ DOUVIER
How I recouped stolen crypto currency coins and tokens from scam hackers on telegram: People all over the world are hearing about the fast profits early investors are making on Bitcoin and other coins and want to join the party and make a fast profit .But be sure, where big money is, there are also companies that are abusing and taking advantage of this situation. Such was my situation , I had a fake telegram group admin contact me and gave me a phishing link in which my 12 recovery phrase were compromised. These evil persons gained access to my crypto-wallet and stole all my coins and tokens worth over $230,000 . I was in great despair due to this situation, I was confused till a group member on the telegram referred me to QUADHACKED@GMAIL.COM .This recovery agent is really God sent. After relating all of my predicaments, details of incidence and necessary requirements for my recovery program , it took them less than a week to track and recover all of my tokens and coins back, they helped me hack the perpetrators wallet and all of my coins were returned to me .I am so amazed , joyous and appreciative. I don't know what I would do without this specialist. They specialize in chargeback disputes and their team knows how to identify these types of scams.If you invested in Crypto and believe you have been scammed contact their experts today and they will help you recover your losses. Contact : QUADHACKED@GMAIL.COM

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